Christian Network Groups™


To return the preeminence of Jesus Christ in our businesses by using all means necessary through education, training, relationships, and example in communion with the Holy Spirit.

Mission Statement

Christian Network Groups™ (CNG) is a networking organization dedicated to introducing and promoting Christian business men and women from churches, as well as other Christian groups and individuals, to the community.  We believe that work is worship and dedicate ourselves to upholding the values, principles, and integrity of God’s word in the Holy Bible.


Christian Network Groups™ is an innovative strategy to connect People and Businesses of Integrity.

Christian Network Groups™ is Owned and Operated by Howard and Debbie Oakes. Howard’s strength lies in his ability to promote & market. Debbie is excellent in administration and organizing the newsletter. Their combined strength led to the creation of Orange County Church Family E-bulletin Newsletter (the OCCF). The OCCF connects people with problems with those who have solutions.

Howard & Debbie began to add sponsors and ads from the business people at Refuge CCHB. Many members didn’t know of the businesses that were represented in their own church. They decided they should connect these entrepreneurs to each other and to the church at large. The birth of the Christian Network Groups™ came out of this idea.

Christian Network Groups™, was created as a monthly meeting so business people could get to know one another and be able to promote each other. More importantly, by the preeminence of Jesus in our business we became true CEO’s, Christ’s Executive Officer’s, carrying out His direction in communion with the Holy Spirit.

This website is the brainchild of Christian Network Groups™. It is growing to include other areas of Orange County and to support the integrity in business that we should all have in Christ.


Leray Heyne, owner of Jesus Christ CEO’s, has been a friend and mentor over the past several years, without whom there would be a very different kind of newsletter and network group. His consistent coaching and inspiration has revolutionized my life when it comes to business and the power of the Holy Spirit. This has resulted in my awareness of the journey I can enjoy by participating with God’s plan for my life.

Mari Plank is an insightful woman I met several years ago.  She was new to Refuge CCHB and someone who encouraged me to start the Christian Network Group.  Her background and training is in psychology.  Since she didn’t agree with some of the anti-Christian restrictions of becoming a licensed therapist, she morphed into becoming a life coach.  Her freedom to teach God’s word in an unencumbered fashion, has led her to be a more effective type of counselor in the Christian community.  She has also been one of the two people that has had a profound effect on me and my attitude towards God. With her coaching, I have learned to understand what the Lord really thinks of me and how He wants me to grow in the fullness of His Spirit.  I hope you will spend some time with her as I did and find out what you can be with her direction.
Howard F. Oakes, OCCF/CNG Co-Founder

Christian Network Groups™ Website

Rich Newell of Rich Graphics Studio was enlisted to help create the website. He has been a professional graphic designer since 1986 working in print and transitioning to include the internet. He builds and maintains sites. He can also provide marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, flyers, posters, banners (hanging and stand-up), table covers, booklets, and catalogs.

The Christian Network Groups™ (CNG) website would not have been possible without Rich’s consistent contribution and effort. Howard and Debbie are eternally grateful.