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Pre-arrangement of funeral or cremation services

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Whose needs do I consider when planning my funeral?   My family’s or mine?

Funerals are for the survivors. The funeral serves as on-going testimony that a life has been lived. It serves as a last act of recognition, honor, respect, and reunion of heartfelt memories.

It is also a gathering of social significance. Publicly, love is both expressed and received. The funeral serves the survivors emotional needs; expressing grief is one of those needs.

The advantage of involving loved ones in pre-arranging also brings the formerly “taboo” subject of death into the open. Planning ahead with family helps ensure that the funeral will be meaningful to the participants, while still reflecting your individual preferences.



Come in for an appointment to fill out a very important form. 

Shirley will tell you why it’s important for them to keep it on file for you, no matter what mortuary you end up using.

Give your family one less thing to worry about when you’re gone, and help your family do the same for you. 

Please call 24/7  (714) 720-4421

Shirley Lain

Representative of FDLIC CA Ins  0C35540  (highlight and right click to go to website)




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  1. Shirley Lain has a great heart for helping people pre-plan for their burial or cremation. She has lots of knowledge and compassion as she helps you figure out what you want. I don’t believe anyone can do it right without her help.

    She’s already helped Howard and I realize that if there’s enough money, he’d prefer burial over cremation. We won’t be feeling guilty if cremation is the way we need to go, but also, we can still choose burial if the funds are there. We’re still in the process and we’re sure it’s going to be just as we really want!!

    I highly recommend pre-need insurance and working with Shirley. It makes financial sense to lock in the price now, while paying for it over time

  2. I’ve been to one of Shirley’s presentations and plan on taking my sister and daughter to the next one! Great information that everyone should be equipped with! Shirley and her speakers are compassionate and sincerely love to help others get prepared for this season in life.

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