Basic Business Listing on

Basic Business Listing allows you to post one business on the web site per basic business listing for one time fee of $30.    This is for a trial period of time that we have not determined the length.  After you signup for CNG yearly membership, then you can add your listing after paying.  Contact

Posts allowance is of 1 listings.

CNG Membership (by Yearly Subscription)

BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP In Christian Network Groups (herein called CNG)

  1. Opportunities to network and build relationships with other professionals.
  2. Learn how to restore the preeminence of Jesus Christ in your business.
  3. Have opportunity to give 20 minutes presentation on a rotating basis with other members.
  4. Opportunity to learn about how to conduct & run your business.
  5. Opportunity to promote your business on the CNG web site at a reduced price.
  6. Learn from other business experts and their success tools.
  7. Marketing advice by meeting one on one with Howard & Debbie Oakes.
  8. Mini Trade Shows to display your product or service during the meetings.
Posts allowance is of 1 listings.
$30 per Month.