8.2015 TERMS & CONDITIONS for Christian Network Groups (herein called CNG) for Membership and Web Site Usage:



  1. Opportunities to network and build relationships with other professionals.
  2. Learn how to restore the preeminence of Jesus Christ in your business.
  3. Have opportunity to give a presentation on a rotating basis with other members.
  4. Opportunity to learn about how to conduct & run your business.
  5. Opportunity to promote your business on the CNG web site.
  6. Learn from other business experts and their success tools.
  7. Marketing advice. 
  8. You may have an opportunity to display your product or service during the meetings.

General policies

  1. Memberships are for a term of 12 months. 
  2. Any person in business is allowed to be a member of CNG if they have been approved by the Advisory Board.
  3. Members of CNG also may be a member of other like organizations (i.e. BNI). There is no limit as to how many of the same businesses are members (i.e. real estate, financial planners or MLM’s). We believe there is enough business to go around and our focus is mainly on establishing the preeminence of Jesus Christ in your business.
  4. CNG will meet once a month for 12 months. As a member of CNG you are allowed 3 absences a year. If you send a representative in your place you will not be considered absent. Payment is deducted regardless.
  5. Members of CNG must follow up with referrals given to them in a timely and professional manner.
  6. Members are encouraged to complete the workbook by Leray Heyne, “Restoring the Preeminence of Jesus Christ in Business”. 
  7. Members of CNG who belong to an MLM should focus their marketing efforts on the products or services, not the business opportunity within the group since everyone already has a business they’re working.

Meeting Etiquette

  1. Membership in CNG encourages you to bring referrals and visitors to the meetings on a regular basis.
  2. Members or your business reps (such as a business partner, employee, client, friend, or family member) should be prepared each month to give their one minute commercial. It should include your name, business name, short description, location, slogan, and what a good referral is. Members will be given an opportunity for a longer presentation when it’s their turn speak.
  3. Members should be present at the meetings every month with the following items: business cards, promotion materials, referrals, a good attitude and must stand when speaking.
  4. It is recommended that members consult the Advisory Board privately relating to any issues they have regarding members and procedures.

Organizational Policies

  1. Meetings are required to be a maximum of 2 hours in duration and must follow the CNG meeting format which will include prayer, speakers, commercials from everyone, & group time.
  2. Policies are subject to change. CNG Advisory Board will advise you of any additions or deletions to such policy.

WEB SITE on Christian Network Groups.com (herein called CNG web site)

Terms and Conditions, general

The CNG web site is intended for the use of its registered members and invited guests.

There is a format where people can form a group and have conversation, encouragement, council, prayer, make plans, etc. They can be private, hidden, or public; closed, open or by an invitation only format. CNG web site administration reserves the right to monitor these groups to make sure the content is edifying, fair, accurate, reasonable, objective and always expressed with grace & humility – comments may be deleted if these terms and conditions are violated.

The CNG web site is not intended to be exclusive to any one particular group or any one subject. We do want it known that one of the purposes of the CNG web site is to promote Judeo Christian values in work, politics, and the family. Disagreements are welcome but we reserve the right to edit all views for space and content.

Our main focus is to restore the preeminence of Jesus Christ in business. However, it’s not limited to that area alone. Good people of various viewpoints can disagree and we welcome all opinions. People of good will can come from all different backgrounds and beliefs and we will not dismiss those various views from having their say without cause. We believe prayer is vital and foremost in the day to day operations of CNG web site. Hence we have a section just for that purpose. Finally, CNG web site wants to be at the forefront of distributing solid information and referrals to those who have wants or needs in this world we live in, be it spiritual, practical, or necessary. We therefore reach out to all people of character and integrity to participate with us in this endeavor.

Businesses can be posted for a monthly fee – please see the Terms & Conditions for posting a business below:

Terms & Conditions for posting a business on Christian Network Groups (herein called CNG web site).

Every business is subject to an interview with Howard & Debbie Oakes. If the Advisory Board approves you and your business, then the following will apply:

There will be a monthly cost to have your business on the CNG web site. There is a basic listing as well as additional items that will increase your exposure on the web site for an additional amount of money. Some of those are more listings of categories or pop ups which list your business name.

The CNG web site will have a link to it from the OCCF (Orange County Church Family newsletter) that goes out to 560 people 4 times a month. Some businesses that are posted on the OCCF will also link to more information that will direct traffic to the CNG web site.

Because we receive calls and emails from people on a regular basis asking for information about a business that was posted on the OCCF in the past, we see the need for people to be able to find this information on a 24/7 basis. Now they can go and find the business and see others that are available as well.